About Reno Rolle

Inventor & Fun Ninja

Reno's Professional Profile

Reno Rolle is an entrepreneur, consumer product designer, and direct response marketer. He is a two-time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year Nominee and award winning inventor for products such as BōKU Superfood, the Rollé Blanket,
and the Spin Fryer.


Reno is currently chairman of the organic and nutrition superfood company BōKU International, which he co-founded with his wife Lynn Rollé. He is also concurrently involved with a number of other projects including the TurDle, which was featured on
CBS’s The Doctors.

Reno Rolle's Early Career & Product Development

In 1986, Reno Rolle and his wife Lynn founded their first company Rollé Ltd. in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. During their first few years as entrepreneurs they created the Rollé Blanket and made their first major sale to one of Donald Trump’s Casinos.


From 1994 to 1997 Reno Rolle joined HSN Direct, which provided direct response marketing for the Home Shopping Network under a joint venture. Reno negotiated and managed contracts with HSN which spanned marketing, distribution, production, and talent signing. He also oversaw new business development and handled logistics for media, development, and regulation compliance. While at HSN Direct, Reno Rollé launched a number of successful infomercial/product campaigns, most notably was the Ab Isolator, which sold over $100 Million of product.

In 1997, Reno left HSN Direct to become a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Synergy Worldwide, a product engineering, design, and marketing company. In September 2000, Synergy received an R&D 100 Award for Reno Rolle’s invention The Spin Fryer. The countertop deep fryer was subsequently licensed to Salton Inc for marketing and distribution under the George Foreman line of consumer
kitchen products.

Direct Response Marketing, Publishing, and Beyond

Success under Synergy Worldwide earned Reno Rolle a seat on the board of J2 Communications to assist in acquiring majority interest in the iconic National Lampoon brand in 2001. In 2002, he established National Lampoon Home Entertainment where he produced and distributed several feature films and direct-to-video DVDs. Reno Rollé’s full filmography can be viewed on IMDB.


Concurrently, in 2005 Reno Rolle was named CEO of Shop America USA, a direct response marketing company primarily meant to create marketing campaigns and advise Kevin Trudeau directly. Under Reno Rolle’s council, Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures they Don’t Want You to Know About” held the #1 spot on New York Times’ Best Seller list for several weeks and millions of copies sold. Unfortunately, Reno was forced to resign due to concerns regarding Trudeau’s over-zealous health claims after just one year.

Not too soon after, Reno joined Red Rock Pictures Holdings to focus on film production and distribution. In 2007 he was added to the board of directors, followed by his appointment as CEO and acquisition of his own marketing company, Studio Store Direct, in 2008.

Reno Rolle Today

Reno and his wife, Lynn, decided to pursue their passion of organic nutrition together in 2007 co-founding BōKU International. Years of research and assistance from some of the industry’s best experts led to the formulation of BōKU Superfood which now serves customers across dozens of countries.


You can see Mr. Rolle regularly on national television and Radio as spokesperson for Boku and conscious lifestyle advocacy. He frequently speaks at events in Southern California on the subject of super foods and the positive benefits of sustainability.