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The Infomercial Ab Wars

The infomercials of today owe much of their success to those from the 1990s. Direct response marketing was at its heyday during this time, with media consumption at an all time high, infomercials had an opportunity to develop precise marketing strategies and target demographics across a variety of channels and viewing times.

At the forefront of this infomercial boom were exercise machines, specifically ab machines. Reno Rollé managed the media production and marketing strategy of Tony Little’s Ab Isolator under HSN Direct, easily selling over $100 Million of product.

Direct response marketing developed a tried and true formula for appealing to a consumer’s needs, emboldening the frustrations caused by competing products, and selling the promise of a better life.

The bubble of exercise machine infomercials was short lived as competitors flowed into the market and e-commerce and online shopping became more prominent.

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