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Home Shopping Network Invests in Infomercials

By the early 1990s, infomercials and home shopping networks had gained significant momentum, but for different reasons. Organizations like QVC and the Home Shopping Network had perfected direct-to-consumer marketing able to effectively mitigate different sales techniques minute by minute. Meanwhile the infomercial agency had developed a formula for producing targeted and effective content to market products.

Typically, direct consumer marketing firms require implementing their own telemarketing, customer service, fulfillment, and media contracting in order to sell an item. Having HSN provide access to existing funnels and facilities provides a significant reduction in costs and campaign development time. They also are able to provide insight tools to react to and modify campaigns while they are ongoing, rather than having to develop new media from scratch.

With overlapping demographics, companies like the Home Shopping Network began producing their own infomercials, eventually leading to development of HSN Direct which, under Reno Rollé’s guidance, produced infomercials for products like Tony Little’s Ab Isolator, one of the most successful infomercial campaigns to date.


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