BōKU International is a family-owned company that sells doctor formulated Super Food Blends that are USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan.

BōKU exclusively uses the most nutrient dense ingredients in the world. These premium ingredients are obtained from Fair Trade, and sustainable sources whenever possible. The super food products are formulated, tested, blended, packaged and shipped in-house to ensure leading standards are maintained.

Reno currently serves as chairman and spokesperson for BōKU. He can often be seen promoting Boku’s products on Evine’s Home Shopping channel, heard on the radio speaking on nutrition and sustainability, or even getting dirty in a Spartan Race.


BōKU Superfood’s Story

Before founding BōKU International (commonly referred to using their flagship product BōKU Superfood), Lynn and Reno Rolle first became interested in natural foods and nutrient-dense “super foods” as an alternative means to treat their son’s ADD symptoms in 1994.

Reno’s career in consumer products and marketing provided him with a number of opportunities to blend his interest in natural health and wellbeing, resulting in his award winning Spin Fryer, which ingeniously helped to remove up to 52% of saturated fats from fried foods.

Reno’s career eventually led him to consult for Kevin Trudeau as CEO of Shop America USA. There he co-created and marketed his New York Times best-seller “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”. Rollé had to resign from Shop America due to Trudeau’s actions and grandiose health claims.

Eventually, Reno Rollé decided to pursue his own books, but with an emphasis on the nutritional benefits of natural foods. He collaborated with M.D/H.M.D James Forsythe to co-author two books.

Over the years, Reno and Lynn sampled and familiarized themselves with various super foods, seeking out and learning from renowned naturopaths and nutritionalists. In 2007, the Rollé’s finalized their formula for a full-spectrum, powdered blend of super foods and BōKU International officially launched.