In 1997, Reno left HSN Direct to be a co-founder of Synergy Worldwide, a marketing company that also engineered and produced their own products.

As a chairman and CEO, Reno also designed and developed the Spin Fryer, an innovative countertop home appliance that uses ultrasonic vibrations, patented rotational baskets, and self-cleaning capabilities to reduce saturated fats by more than 50%.

The Spin Fryer received the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2000, given to the top 100 revolutionary products and ideas each year.

Reno’s invention also caught the eyes of Salton Inc., the company responsible for the George Foreman brand. In September 2000, Synergy Worldwide secured a licensing agreement with Salton for exclusive, long-term rights to license and market the Spin Fryer under the George Foreman brand.