The revolutionary TurDle replicates the natural benefits of squatting to help relieve constipation by providing direct acupressure stimulation of the colon. Using the TurDle regularly can help restore healthy colon function, which is part of why we believe every bathroom should have one.

Humans are naturally designed to squat with their body weight supported by the feet when evacuating the bowel, not sit upright with their weight resting on the legs and rear-end. While squatting, the thighs come in contact with the lower abdomen placing beneficial pressure on the colon and abdominal wall, which helps to trigger the muscular contractions that move waste through and out of the body. Sitting upright on a toilet is unnatural and does not provide the benefit of this support and pressure from the thighs. In this case, we are left to push and strain, which can lead to countless health related complications.

The TurDle is a simple, yet ingenious device made of precision foam and designed to fit people of all ages, shapes and sizes. While on the toilet, The TurDle is used to massage and directly manipulate the colon, which can help to exercise and tone this vital, muscular organ. The TurDle is quite possibly the perfect, health forming companion to the modern toilet.