In 1989, just a few years into his first company, Rollé LTD., Reno Rollé was busy pitching his patented beach blanket in Southern New Jersey. Nearby, the Trump Taj Mahal casino was nearing completion and word got around that the casino was looking for door prizes.

Reno was able to meet with the casino’s marketing team and successfully pitched customized fanny packs, resulting in a 100,000 order, the largest sale a then 28 year old Reno Rollé had made.

Unfortunately, the following year, rumors started to circulate that the casino may be facing bankruptcy. Reno, along with other vendors, began to worry about ever receiving payment. Rollé spent the next month contacting anyone who might be able to help him, pleading his case as a small businessman with a family and creditors to reimburse.

While he can’t know for sure if Donald Trump heard his story and caved, but a check did arrive the exact day Rollé had to pay back his creditors.