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Reno’s 50th Surprise Birthday Bash

Family and friends came out to the Rollé family house to celebrate Reno’s 50th birthday. Reno was greeted by a crowd of loved ones yelling surprise when he opened his front door. The party kept going into the evening with live music, prepared words, cake, presents, good food, and good company. Of course, no event would be complete without a few embarrassing photos from Reno’s youth and a Boku Superfood stand for a quick nutrition boost.

A man truly has it all when his children speak of him as the best inspiration & influence AND praises how HE ADORES & LOVES their mother. I was moved by how Reno’s family & friends shared such love and respect for him. It was beautiful night and with some Rock-n-Roll thrown in… GREATEST PARTY EVER!

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Reno Rolle