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Rolle Beach Blanket 30 Years Strong

There’s a reason why the Rolle Beach Blanket’s slogan is “Anything Else is Just a Towel”. A close look reveals hidden storage pockets, dual-layer constructions, weighted corners, a built-in pillow, and the ability to fold into itself as a backpack with a strap.

Over the years, there have been a number of knock-offs, however they all fall short. The true stand-out feature of a Rollé Beach Blanket is the premium quality and finest materials. Reno’s goal was to create the ultimate luxury companion, which is likely why it continues to stand the test of time.

Just a year or two into business at Rollé LTD, Reno had the opportunity to sell the Rollé Blanket to business icons like Donald Trump and Steve Wynn. The Rollé Blanket was then picked up by Gloria Estefan to be customized for sale to her VIP Friends and as corporate gifts.

Initially seen as a retail product, the success refocused Reno’s model to focus on corporate gifting. Over the years, the Rollé Blanket has been sold to companies like Coca Cola, Miller Brewing Co, Snap-on Tools, and more.


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