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The Rollés’ Super Food Off to a Super Start

BoKU International is off to a great start after being awarded Natural News’ Best Product for 2008. Boku Superfood, received the award early in January, just a few months after opening their doors.

While the business is new, the Rollé’s have been exploring the benefits of nutrient-rich foods since 1994 as an alternative means of managing their son’s diagnosed ADD.

Reno’s interest and background in direct response marketing eventually led to a role consulting Kevin Trudeau and market the New York Times best-seller “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.”

The book was met with many criticisms and lawsuits involving the FTC. Despite the book’s success, Rollé resigned as CEO of Trudeau’s company, Shop America USA due to Trudeau’s actions and grandiose health claims.

The Rollé’s decided to put a focus on the nutritional benefits of natural foods, specifically nutrient dense “super foods” which led to Reno Rollé’s co-authored book The Ultimate Guide to Natural Health Quick Reference and the formation of BoKU International and their flagship product, Boku Superfood.

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