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Spin Fryer Joins George Foreman Brand Under Salton Inc.

Synergy Wordwide’s revolutionary product, The Spin Fryer, joins the George Foreman line of countertop consumer cooking appliances with an exclusive licensing agreement under Salton Inc..

While the George Foreman line is known for its top-selling grilling/roasting products, Rollé’s Spin Fryer will be the first deep-fryer as Salton begins to expand the line. The Spin Fryer’s small size, patented 25-degree rotational basket, self-cleaning capabilities, touch-screen graphical user interface, and efficient fat-extracting results (up to 52%) make it an ideal addition to the George Foreman brand of products.

Salton CEO, Leon Dreimann had this to say about the Spin Fryer:

We believe that the “Spin Fryer” will be a welcome addition to our ever-increasing selection of product offerings, and it also reinforces our philosophy of providing cutting-edge new products and technologies to our customers that promote healthy living,”

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