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Stepping Stones to Success

A lot of people ask me what exactly it was that brought me success. It’s hard to quantify really because a lot of it is just old fashioned hard work. However, there are four unique things that I can pinpoint that a lot of successful people share.

1. You are not your circumstances

I was one of five children. My father was a janitor. My mother worked two jobs. We never took vacations. That’s not completely true. I remember one time taking a family vacation. We couldn’t afford the kinds of things that other families who were better off and had fewer children could afford. The world operates by allocation of resources. Not just financial resources. Personal resources. Love, attention. The kinds of things you need to nurture children. And these resources were thin in my household.

Growing up, I went to public schools and wasn’t a superior student. I attended some college and was the first of the five of us that actually enrolled But I never finished. What I did have was dreams. I thought bigger. I always wanted more and I knew a traditional path was not in the cards for me.

2. Failure is an option

I’m a terrible golfer. Once in a while, I’ll hit a great shot. And that’s what keeps me coming back to the green. I started to have had some successes along the way and less failures. That’s important. You need those little wins. A little taste of it.

So, I wasn’t afraid to fail. I grew accustomed to that pretty quickly. That carried me through everything else that followed. Hands down, I made a ton of mistakes in life and I made a ton of mistakes in business. I learned from them.

3. Being wrong rules!

I’m wrong a lot more then I am right. Each time I’m wrong and each mistake I make is part of that process. They become stepping stones. Every time you admit you are wrong there are opportunities.

Learning how to be humble, to say to yourself: “Hey, I was wrong.” “That didn’t work.” “That was a mistake” takes a lot of courage. When you can objectively look at your mistakes, when you own those, then you can sort of model from that and grow.

4. Embrace obstacles

A big challenge for a lot of people is when they run into problems. Sometimes life is just one tedious task after another and we all run into problems to get them done. But I think that many people create the biggest problems they have themselves. I believe a vast majority of things we all worry about never happen. And the small worries that become reality feel huge. These challenges, cause people to quit. And they give up on their dream.

What I’ve learned is that right when things seem at their most impossible that is when you get your breakthrough.

The lesson here is that if you really want to be successful, you really have to stick to it. I don’t want to come across as I’m some super successful guy. I have a long way to go I’m learning. I’m still climbing the ladder of success and will be for the rest of my life.


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