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A selected compilation of Reno Rollé's collaborated work ranging from CEO leadership and strategy to product development and creation.

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  • Reno is one of those rare individuals who always gives 120% of his effort to do whatever it takes to fulfill his promises and commitments.

    Andrew Bochantin, CEO – Fountainhead Media Partners, Inc.

  • Reno is an extremely kind, friendly and warm individual who is very giving of his time and his talents to other other people.

    James W Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.

  • Reno’s caring attitude and regard for others truly transcends customary business relations.

    Andrew Bochantin, CEO – Fountainhead Media Partners, Inc.

  • I find Reno to be a gentleman of extremely high character, personal charm, and unblemished integrity.

    James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D Medical Director of Century Wellness Clinic And Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada

  • I consider Mr. Rolle a man of highest integrity, moral character,honest and generous to a fault. He is compassionate about his work and family.

    Dee Elliott Assistant VP of IronStone Bank

  • I know reno to be enthusiastic, innovative and brilliant in evaluating ideas and conceptualizing.

    Lary Hayes, Senior Advisor Senior Advisor of First Look Films

  • Reno Rolle has good business ethics as well as morals. He is also a sincerely compassionate person.

    Barbara Carey, President of Akasha

All About Reno Rollé

Reno Rollé has left an indelible mark on many industries: film, entertainment marketing, publishing, home shopping, and product development. His work in these fields has resulted in historical successes and led to iconic creations including the Spin Fryer, the Rollé Beach Blanket, Boku Superfood and others.

At home, Reno is a supportive husband and loving father now living in Ojai, California with his wife Lynn and two children.

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